Shipping Policy

Shipping Information for International customers only

Once the package is sent it is out of our control,the best way to find out about the status of your package is to call USPS international at toll free # 1800-222-1811 speak to live person.


go to your local post office and ask them to look up your package.

the real delivery time depends on customs in your Country.



Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of our control, some international orders get stopped by the customs agency in your country. First of all, please read our full disclaimer:


DISCLAIMER: We cannot be responsible for any customs restrictions, tariffs, or other regulations that may apply in your country. If you have any questions, we encourage you to speak with your customs office, although we will ship any products you order to the address you provide.


The laws are different in every country, they change often, and we cannot keep up with them all. The responsibility is yours to check with your country’s Customs office to see if your country allows the shipment of products you ordered (or wish to order) to your country.


We will do our part and follow the exact directions in your order. We will ship the products that you pick to the address that you provide. We will give you the best service and ship it very quick at the rates that we have agreed to on our site. If for whatever reason the package is seized by Customs Officials, we will not issue you a refund unless all products are returned to us in their original condition. Most orders make it through customs fine; however, most orders that are stopped are returned to us. Also, if the package is returned to us by Customs Officials, you are still responsible for any shipping charges. You pay actual shipping charges based on the weight of the package.


Any duties or taxes that may apply are your responsibility.


By ordering from our site you are stating that you agree to the above paragraphs. Don’t worry though, we rarely have problems with international shipments and almost all products are legal in almost all countries.


My Package Was Seized, Now What?


If your package is stopped by the customs agency in your country, you may or may not receive a notice from them. If the products are indeed illegal in your country, they will most likely return the package to us. If they do, there may be a return shipping fee. Once the package is received back by us, we will contact you by e-mail and refund you for the products, minus the shipping fees. You can also use this credit towards different products or have the package shipped again. We will help you out!


If the package is not sent back to us or if it is destroyed, we will not be able to refund any part of the purchase price. We followed your directions and those directions caused the product to be seized. We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope you will give us a try again with different products.


We hope you can understand the reasons that we cannot refund you for seized products. Our goal is to make every customer happy! We do exactly as the customer tell us to do, like any good company should. Unfortunately, sometimes doing what you want us to do can cause problems if you are not sure of what the laws are in your country.

International Terms :
All international sales are final, no  money back,no exception we are not responsible for any problems related to shipping,like delays with delivery etc.Customer is responsible for all  duties, fees, taxes .We do not provide any information or MSDS sheets to customs department at your country.  The time of delivery depends on custom department in your country. Once sent, we have no control over the package. We will provide custom id # or tracking # once  invoice is paid,your order  it will be send the next business day. Thank you.


Shipping Policy for customers in USA                            


All orders are shipped the  same or next business day  Monday - Friday ,will be dropped at our shipping location by 6 pm  , and will be delivered in 2-5 business days,Tracking # will be provided by

We are not responsible for delivery to wrong address,if you put wrong shipping address and your order will be shipped to that address,we will not process refund or exchange.Please understand ,we can not be responsible for this kind of issues.


For most orders we use we also use  the following carriers to deliver your orders:


Order Tracking

 Tracking # is always  provided by the shipping carrier, we will update your order with the tracking information. Please note that some orders using priority international mail will not have tracking numbers. Only international express mail has Tracking #

Shipping Rates

The rate charged for the shipping of your order is based on the flat rate. Before the final checkout page you will be shown what the cost of shipping will be, and you will have a chance to not place your order if you decide not to. Customer is responsible for all taxes,duties at customs.

Back Orders 

If an item goes on back order we will ship you the part of your order that is in stock. When the item becomes available we will ship you the rest of your order. You will not be charged any additional shipping and handling for the second shipment.