Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Do you ship outside of the United States?

We are no longer allowed to ship any international or Canadian orders anymore. Too many orders get lost/stolen or get delayed that we have to cover when it is not our fault. Customers are angry that their orders are not delivered/delayed and it is a frustrating process for both parties. If you wish to order from another country, we would recommend searching for a third party shipping company within the US or friends/family that will forward the package to you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

2) Can I use the WPS kit internally?

WPS/WPS2/CDS/CDH or Water Purification Solution or 28% Sodium Chlorite is NOT a MEDICINE and is not approved by the FDA or EPA for internal use or to cure any health issue or condition anywhere in the world. This product is sold and approved by the FDA and EPA for water purification purposes only!

3) What is the difference between CDS and the WPS Kit?

CDS (Chlorine Dioxide) is the product of mixing the two solutions of the WPS Kit together. Sodium Chlorite and an activator (Hydrochloric Acid or Citric Acid) will yield Chlorine Dioxide which is the WPS Kit. The difference between the two are as follows:

CDS only has a shorter life expectancy since it is an active solution. It is best kept refrigerated to keep its life span longer. Freezing it will make it available for a later date but you cannot freeze it in glass. CDS’s potency is weaker than the regular WPS Kit. 1mL of CDS is equal to 3 activated drops of WPS. 1mL of CDS is roughly 25 drops. The reason why you would want CDS over the standard kit is purely the convenience factor of no mixing and no waiting.

WPS Kits do not have an expiration date and are stronger in potency than a CDS bottle. You will have to mix it each time you will want to use it because the Chlorine Dioxide from mixing it will only last a couple of minutes. The reason as to why CDS lasts much longer than the mixture of the WPS Kit is because CDS is derived from Chlorine Dioxide gasses which condensate into a liquid.

4) Do you have a customer service phone number?

No, we do not offer phone customer service. Please use our email: to communicate with us.

5) Do you ship on weekends?

No, we do not, we ship during the weekdays Monday-Friday.

6) Do you offer express shipping?

No, we do not offer express shipping.

7) How long does it take for me to receive my order?

All orders are shipped in one to two business days and another 2-5 business days in transit depending on your location.

8) Can I exchange activators if I ordered the wrong one?

If you wish to exchange activators, you may certainly do so. Please send it back the same way you received it (in a box with shipping peanuts and in bags) including a note of some kind with your order number or email so that we may locate the order. Once received, we will send you the opposite activator. You can find our return address in the Returns section.

9) I am having trouble with the website/checkout, can you help me?

We suggest trying a different web browser or resetting your cookies/cache for your current browser and trying again. If that does not work, we can create an invoice for you to bypass the website’s checkout. We will need to know the exact products and quantities you wish to order as well as your full shipping address.

10) My mixture does not produce an amber color, is my product bad?

The color of the mixture depends on a few things:

1. What sort of activator you are using
2. The amount of drops being used

If you are using HCL as an activator, the color will not be as strong as it is with Citric Acid (we have a picture of a 10 drop test that we can share).

The amount of drops is also a factor. You will probably not see the amber color in small doses; the more drops you use, the darker the color gets. You will see that if you mix more drops together, the color will become stronger. What you are seeing is very normal and it has been normal for the past 10 years we have sold this product. We use the best materials for our products, all made in the USA. The color of the solution simply signifies the strength of it, not the quality.

11) Do you accept prepaid cards or gift cards for payment?

No, our checkout system does not accept these types of payments.